About Jbronze

Jbronze by Jennifer Hawkins is a self-tanning range proudly Australian made and owned.


Message from Jen

I wanted to create my own self-tanning and professional range because I’ve always loved to have beautiful, healthy, bronzed, glowing skin all year round.

I believe self-tanners and professional tanning are the best options for a healthy tan and in the past, I struggled to find a complete range that offered the variety of products that suited my skin and gave the best results.

For this reason, my focus with Jbronze was to offer a complete range for all types of self-tanning. My focus from the beginning was to find a self-tanner for the body and face that would cater to sensitive skin while giving a natural glow at all times.

I’m proud to say we have formulated each product with nourishing and hydrating ingredients to be 100% vegan friendly and include naturally derived DHA to ensure a streak-free, natural looking tan that doesn’t dry your skin.

Jbronze includes luxe natural ingredients like Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter and Argan Oil and a all over body illuminiser completes the Jbronze range. Perfect for when you want your skin to have a healthy holiday glow for day or night.

Launching Jbronze was a dream come true and still is. I hope you love Jbronze as much as I do!