The product lasts extremely well and comes off nicely!

Hi there, Just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing product. I have been using fake tan since I was 15 and am now 23 years old. To date I have never found a product that works as well as J Bronze (and I have used a different one nearly every month for nearly 8 years!). Whilst I have had some luck with other products there has always been one element of them that has not worked- washed off too soon, patchy or a bad colour. No one product has all the merits of J Bronze- which appears to satisfy all the necessities in a good fake tan. J Bronze goes on easily and is identifiable when you are applying it; the colour develops evenly and the product does not smell or stain sheets. The product lasts extremely well and comes off nicely. At the beginning of this year I had almost given up on fake tan despite having medium skin and preferring to have a fake tan. This meant that I was pursuing a sun tan constantly, which was an issue as my skin is susceptible to burn and other associated problems. With an approaching ball I decided to try out J Bronze and the results have been absolutely incredible. I couldn't be happier and will refer all of my friends and family to this product. Thank you so much.

Alice from NSW


Dark Tanning Mousse + Face Tan

I'm a regular buyer of your dark tanning mousse. I love it because it doesn't look like I have fake tan on; just a healthy olive skin glow (and I'm normally fair!!). Easy to apply, low risk of streaks and smells good. So many friends now use this because I can't stop raving about it. I've now tried your face tan and wow!!! kicking myself it's taken this long to use. Much prefer this cream product for my face than the mousse (I have dry skin). Definitely the best tanning products on the market (and I've used a few!!)

Kirsty from QLD



Hey J bronze team! This product is absolutely amazing! I must say that it is the best tan I have ever used and trust me, Ive used a lot! Well done on creating such a beautiful even colour and it even smells great! I definitely works!! :)

Hayley from QLD


Beautiful Tan

Hi J-BRONZE team, I recently tried the dark tanning mousse and was super impressed with the result. I have always loved having a spray tan but hated having to go into a salon and get naked in front of a complete stranger! I've tried other self tanners to avoid the embarrassment of getting a spray tan but they have never had the same long lasting results. I tried J-BRONZE and am completely converted! It is such an amazing colour and so simple and easy to apply in the comfort of your own home. I work in a professional office environment so I need a tan that looks natural but still noticeable and this is the perfect product. I received many compliments from co-workers and clients at how lovely my skin looked. Thank you for this wonderful product it is now my most regular and must have item, I can't get enough of it!

Allarna from NSW



I am happy to admit that I have finally cheated on the spray tan machine. I come all the way from Canada where it is next to impossible to maintain a healthy glow all year round. I saw all of the hype that went along with these products and had to try it for myself. I bought an application mitt and the dark tanning mousse. This stuff smells like someone is making me a piña colada! Cheers to this golden product!

Brittani from NSW


Perfect Tan!

Hi Jennifer & J Bronze team! The products you have produced are seriously amazing. Never orange or blotchy and actually smells nice (my partner thinks I have put perfume on). I was standing in one of your stockists not long ago and the girl next to me was trying to pick a tanning product, she told me she had never fake tanned before. I couldn't help myself and had to butt in and tell her to not bother with anything but your products. I recommend them to everyone! Thanks again for bringing a product to the market that actually works and does what it says!

Ella from WA


Delicious Glow

Hi Jennifer & Team!

Thanks so much for creating a product that smells amazing and doesn't go blotchy or orange!
I was blessed (unfortunately) with super pale skin and I find it hard to find a tanning product that works for me!! J Bronze is amazing, I look and feel bronzed and healthy!
Amazing stuff!! Especially the glow cream, well done team!!
Love and best wishes,

Grace from Victoria



Hi there, I just wanted to say this range of products are AMAZING!! I usually stay away from self tanners, but because it is Jennifer Hawkins product I had to try it because I knew it would be nothing short of the best and I was right! It was so easy to apply and didn't leave my skin looking blotchy or orange. Even in the hard areas such as my knees and ankles it blending in so well and natural looking. Seriously love the stuff and defiantly would/will recommended it to everyone I know! :) Thanks Ps the shimmer is perfect!!!

Hayett from VIC



Hi JBRONZE team, I'd like to say THANK YOU and WELL DONE on the JBRONZE range. As a "safe tanner" I've used fake tans over the last 10 years. I find that being bronzed makes you feel & look great. I have dabbled in quite a few brands (lovely tan, le tan, St Tropez to name a few) and haven't felt so strongly about one since using your medium mousse! Needless to say, I am one very loyal and happy customer who has stocked up my shelves of the face cream and body mousse. I've also found them to be amazing gifts for friends and family. My skin stays supple, hydrated and IT NEVER GOES BLOTCHY! This tan is a miracle. Once again, well done :)

Talei from NSW


UK Fan

I just wanted to say this is the best tanning product I have ever used. I have now returned to the UK after living in Melbourne for 2 years. I'm gutted I cant buy your products in the UK. Boots and Super Drug are the UK versions of Priceline. You should definitely expand over here. UK girls are fake tan crazy. Good Luck guys :) from a very happy customer

Gina from UK


Jbronze Shimmer Instant Illuminiser

I have used a Chanel product (Soliel De Chanel) blended with my foundation or BB cream to conceal uneven skin colour for many years and also to help conceal defects from grafts and scars from cancer surgery on my face and neck.. Unfortunately it was discontinued for sale in Australia but Hoorah! Jbronze shimmer is the perfect replacement at a third of the price!

Anne-Marie from SA


Tan feedback

Hello, I find it so hard to find a tan that gives me a good colour and lasts. As soon as I heard about j bronze I rushed out to try it. It work so well and my colour was very natural and has lasted 6 days without any patches. I just want to commend you on creating a fabulous tan that lasts. I am definitely a fan! Well done!!

Amy from SA


Thank you

Thank you sooo much for creating a tanning range that actually smells divine, goes on easily ,and I don't have to run around the house for HOURS naked before it dries. I actually bought the dark tan cream in the chemist of our two horse town. ( We don't even have a taxi here ) So again thank you for making it available to the small country towns in Australia. It can become very frustrating when I read a magazine and can't find the product , they are usually only found in big centres. Good luck and again Thank you xoxo , judy

Judy from NSW


Love it!

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for such personalized service that I have not experienced before when buying online. Also your delivery is prompt and professional. The product is fantastic. I have purchased so many other products with massive claims that did not perform. Your product most importantly has a very low self tan smell, does not transfer onto clothes, blends amazingly and looks natural. I started with the mousse and since purchased the spray and face tan. I suffer from vitiligo which causes white patches on my skin and have never found a product that blends so efficiently that these patches become hardly noticeable. I love it and will buy again and again and tell my friends. I truly thank you as I no longer feel embarrassed by my skin condition.



No sheet transfer!

I am amazed at how fantastic it is! I have used the Shimmer a few times and have had compliments each time. It doesn't transfer onto clothes at all - amazing!! I even wake up the next day and it still on, with no transfer on my sheets! Unbelievable. Also, the colour of the tan is so natural and the formula is really hydrating, plus it smells great! I have tried a LOT of fake tans, and this product is the goods. I used it for a party the other night and everyone thought it was my "real" tan. Gotta love that. Thanks again.




I would just like to say I have tried the Jbronze face take tan and wow it is exactly what I have been looking for in a long time. It just soaks into my skin its not greasy at all and smells so good without that off fake tan smell (that my boyfriend hates) I love love it, I am off to Priceline today to purchase the tan mousse. Amazing product and will deffs recommend it to my girls.

Nikki from WA


Jbronze Dark Tanning Spray feedback

Hi guys, Just writing in to say that the dark tanning spray is THE best I have tried. Apprehensive at the start as I am a uni student so it was a tad on the pricey side, but the colour has lasted me for one full week and it is amazing! The best colour and so nourishing I love it :) Thanks!! X

Stefani from VIC


Face Flawless Tan

I just wanted to say thank you to the team for producing such a great facial tanner (especially for fair skinned girls). As a blonde, fair skinned girl who loves a sun kissed look, applying this product after a shower and exfoliation at night, i wake up feeling and looking great! It makes my day so easy as I do not feel the pressure to cover up with makeup! I feel so much more natural and confident! Thank you team! Keep up the great work! x

Tess Boyle from VIC


Amazing tanning cream

Hi Jen just tried the jbronze cream tan for the first time and I'm so happy. Thank you so much for making a tan that is perfect for really fair girls that looks natural doesn't streak and smells absolutely amazing. Your such a beautiful woman and you've made me feel beautiful to
thank you so much xxxx

Emma Ferguson, Vic


Shimmer illuminiser

After searching for years for a shimmer product, I have finally found the one! The golden glisten that comes from this is AMAZING!!! It smells beautiful and goes on so nicely. I cannot wait to try more Jbronze products, as they are clearly of outstanding quality. Thank you!

Nikki McMillan, QLD

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