My tips for a perfect tan



Prep your skin!

I have learned that It’s so important to exfoliate prior to tanning so that you are starting with a clean canvas. I like to use an exfoliating mitt and body wash, however avoid products that contain oils, as this can act as a barrier. Don’t forget to dry your skin well, then you are ready to apply!

If you are shaving, or waxing, make sure you do this a day or so before tanning, shaving after will most likely remove your tan.

Hydration is key for tan longevity!

Jbronze tanning products include luxe, natural skin caring ingredients, like macadamia oil, shea butter and argan oil –some of the top ingredients to keep skin hydrated and provide antioxidants and nourishment but in addition I always moisturise and moisturise some more! At least 2 times a day after my tan has settled in.

Help yourself apply an even tan

All Jbronze products are tinted for easy application, so you can see exactly where you are applying, so there are no surprises! I like to start with the main areas of the body - legs, back, stomach, then concentrate on the more tricky parts - knees, elbows, hands – always go lightly on these areas!

The perfect tan

I like to finish off my tan with Jbronze Shimmer Instant Illuminiser as it can be applied on top of any Jbronze tan for extra luminosity and glowing skin!

face flawless tan


This little product is a must have for all women. Not only does it have hydrating benefits and natural ingredients that promote anti-ageing and brightening, it gives you the best natural looking tan. The cranberry and gogi berry extracts included also give the product a lovely fresh and fruity fragrance. I normally put this on before I go to bed so I wake up with a nice glow.

For more, see Face Flawless Tan

tanning mousse


The foam glides evenly and absorbs really nicely into the skin. Let your skin soak up all the goodies - aloe vera, green tea and walnut extracts. You can use the mousse on your entire body.

For more, visit Dark Tanning Mousse, or Medium Tanning Mousse

dark tanning cream


Squeeze a small amount and start applying all over like you would a moisturiser. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after as well as your wrists and in between fingers to avoid any tanning mishaps!

This tanning cream is safe to use on your face, Jbronze tanning cream contains some fantastic skin caring ingredients, like shea butter, coconut and argan oils however I use Jbronze Face Flawless Tan for this area, as its been specially formulated for the delicate face, with anti-ageing, brightening and hydrating properties.

For more, see Dark Tanning Cream

dark tanning spray


This is my favourite product in the range, it has everything you want in a self tan... It’s easy to use, gives a great deep colour and smells divine.

When tanning with the Dark Tanning Spray I recommend applying twice a week to maintain that healthy glow, exfoliate before re-applying.

For more, see Dark Tanning Spray

shimmer instant illuminiser


Jbronze Shimmer is perfect for when you want your skin look a little more glam.

Use this product on any part of your body or face when you want to enhance the luminosity of your skin! I keep it in my make up bag and use this on top of my Jbronze tan. It’s great for the face, cheek bones, eye lids and lips.
To achieve that subtle dewy look, dot under the outside of the eyes, across your eyelids and lightly along your check bones.
The best thing about this product is that it’s instant, and will wash off when you shower.

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