Is Jbronze Australian? 

Jbronze is proudly Australian made and owned.


Is Jbronze tested on Animals?

Jbronze nor the ingredients used in Jbronze have been tested on Animals.


Does the Jbronze range contain Parabens?

No it doesn't. Jbronze is 100% Paraben free.


Does Jbronze contain Palm Oil?

No, Jbronze does not contain Palm Oil.


Does Jbronze help protect your skin from the sun?

As Jbronze simply colours the top layer of your skin, it does not offer any SUN/UV protection. Ensure you wear sunscreen when sporting a Jbronze tan to avoid any sun damage.


Will Jbronze have the same result on all skin types?

The actives in Jbronze react with the amino acids on the top layer of your skin, depending on the composition and condition of your skin, colour results may vary.


Does Jbronze have natural active ingredients?

The tanning actives and tan extenders in Jbronze are naturally derived.


Is Jbronze instant?

Our Shimmer Instant Illuminiser will give you an instant glow. The Dark Tanning Spray contains quite a bit of pigment that will give you a tanned result instantly and will darken with time as it develops. The rest of the Jbronze range are developing self tanners, that contain a natural colourant, Caramel. This will give a subtle glow on application, with your full tan developing in 2 – 4 hours. For a deeper tan result, leave to develop overnight or for up to 8 hours.


Can you use Jbronze if you are pregnant?

The range is safe to use if you are pregnant, the colouration occurs on surface of skin and does not penetrate into bloodstream. Ensure you use products as directed on pack. The use of any product during pregnancy is a personal decision and we would recommend you consult your health care professional if you have any concerns.


Is Jbronze vegan friendly?

All Jbronze products are vegan friendly.


Is Jbronze Halal friendly?

The only products that are not Halal-friendly are our Mousses and spray, they contain a small percentage of alcohol. Our Shimmer, Face Flawless Tan and Dark Tanning Cream products are Halal-friendly.


Why would my Jbronze tanning formulation turn green?

Once your Jbronze has been opened and exposed to air, or simply with ageing in the bottle, the DHA (tanning active) in the product will over time become oxidised, when this happens, the red colours in your product are broken down and hence your product may have a green tinge. This will not impact the colour of your tan. You’ll still achieve the bronzed, natural tan result you have previously.


Any other questions/comments? Please contact us, through the contact us page on our website: http://www.jbronze.com.au/contactus